I’ve tested the 11 best registered agent services in Texas. Here’s my review.

I’m usually a very skeptical person, especially when dealing with corporations that often make strong claims and promises in a bid to win your trust and get you to give them your hard-earned cash. 

That’s why I took it upon myself to thoroughly investigate the Texas registered agent industry and came up with a list of 11 major registered agent services in the Lone Star State.

Here are the results of my findings.

Best Registered Agent: Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent


  • Easy sign-up process
  • Mail scanning, uploading, and forwarding
  • Alerts for important upcoming compliance deadlines
  • $125 per state per year
  • Corporate Guides who can answer your small business questions


  • No dedicated account manager
Get Northwest Registered Agent

After a lot of deliberation, I ended up choosing Northwest Registered Agent for the #1 spot on my list.

As part of their registered agent services, they provide my company with a business name and street address in Texas (a PO Box will not suffice) and file my Certificate of Formation with the Secretary of State. They also scan, upload, and forward all my mail and provide compliance alerts so that my business entity stays in good standing with the Texas Secretary of State. They also include an online account that gives me access to my important LLC legal documents. They can also receive Service of Process on my behalf, although my Texas LLC (Limited Liability Company) thankfully hasn’t been sued.

Northwest’s most valuable service is their customer support. Apart from assisting me with my LLC formation, they also have a team of US-based Corporate Guides (the in-house designation for their support team) who are always at hand to provide great small business advice. These Corporate Guides have helped me out of a few sticky situations since I started my Texas LLC.

Northwest’s Corporate Guides are former business owners, accountants, and legal advisors who are well versed in starting and managing a business in Texas. They happily answer any questions about my LLC, whether or not they apply to the services they offer.

The only Achilles heel I came across is the lack of a dedicated account manager that Harbor Compliance provides. But expert LLC advice from their Corporate Guides more than makes up for this. Most independent financial and business advisors charge a lot of money for this type of business advice, so it’s a relief to come across a registered agent that includes this service.

If you are ready to establish your Texas LLC, visit Northwest Registered Agent today.

Best Budget Option: Harbor Compliance


  • Easy sign-up process
  • Mail scanning, uploading, and forwarding
  • Alerts for important upcoming compliance deadlines
  • $125 per state per year
  • Corporate Guides who can answer your small business questions


  • No small business advice
Visit Harbor Compliance

Harbor Compliance was initially my top recommendation before I settled on Northwest.

They provided all the LLC services I needed to form my Texas business entity, including filing my Certificate of Formation with the Texas Secretary of State and a business name and street address in Texas, all at the affordable price of $99.

The dedicated account manager that they provided is always available (during normal business hours, of course) to answer any questions I have about their LLC services, but they don’t provide the small business advice you get from Northwest’s Corporate Guides.

Visit Harbor Compliance today and learn more about the services they provide.

*All listed prices are per state, per year, and do not include state fees or filing fees.

My Process

I spent the better part of a year investigating the best major registered agents in the state of Texas. Have a look at the process I used to arrive at my conclusion.

My Start

As you know by now, I’m prone to doubt most information I find on the interwebs and, given the times we are living in, I would excuse anyone who doesn’t trust every piece of information out there, especially when it comes to your finances. 

I applied this state of paranoia to establishing my business in Texas. A simple Google search of registered agent services in the state of Texas brought up a huge number of results and I spent quite a long time going through each of the over 50 companies to figure out who offered the best services at the best price. Ultimately, I was both confused and worn out from working through this whole procedure.

But that’s when I had a brainwave: “If I can’t trust any of the claims made by each registered agent, why not try all of them?!” Granted, this sounds like a bit of a stretch, but it’s the only way I could differentiate between genuine and substandard agents.

So I chose 11 of the best registered agents in Texas and signed up for their services, which resulted in me establishing 11 new business entities and thus the process of reviewing their services had begun. Every review in this article is backed up with first-hand experience.

My Criteria

In order to decide which Texas registered agent was the best, I formulated a list of criteria to guide me during the investigation process.

  • A full suite of features at a specific price
  • No cluttering my email with incessant promotions and upsells—a duplicitous agent uses clever pricing strategies to upsell and coerce clients into purchasing extra features. No thanks!
  • A business address and name in the state of Texas to keep my personal info off public record
  • Ability to file an LLC Certificate of Formation with the Texas Secretary of State
  • An online account to save important business documents
  • Compliance alerts that keep clients apprised of forthcoming deadlines
  • Scanning, uploading, and forwarding all mail
  • A registered office that can accept Service of Process during normal business hours
  • “Mileage,” a track record of dependability and delivery—I need a reliable agent that’s gonna be around awhile
  • Online sign-up process with simple procedures and pre-filled forms
  • Customer support, available at all times to guide me through problems in an efficient and professional manner

Any registered agent service that didn’t provide all of these features was scratched right off my list.

My Journey

Initially, I sorted through over 50 national registered agent service providers. But thanks to the internet, I was able to eliminate about a third of this number during my initial round of research for the top Texas registered agent.

This stage entailed reviewing hundreds of negative web reviews and comments written by dissatisfied customers. Some people expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of fundamental services, some with prices, and others with poor customer support. After this step, I eliminated the bulk of agents that provided terrible service, leaving only 16 firms that showed some promise.

For the following phase, I visited the websites of the remaining agents to look at their claims and promises. I quickly found enough grounds to exclude a few more from my list.

Some agent services marketed their lack of experience as their strongest selling point. The idea that clients should trust you just because you’re a “new face” in the sector didn’t inspire much trust. You wouldn’t entrust your Service of Process documents to the new kid on the block. Others even suggested they would use a facsimile machine to file your paperwork. Anyone still using a fax machine in the 21st century needs a reality check.

Ultimately, I was left with a list of 11 registered agents to review.

My Results

After weeks of researching these 11 registered agents, here are the results of my investigation:

My Favorite Registered Agent Service: Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent is the best Texas Registered Agent because their services are both inexpensive and dependable and they make sure my business entity complies with all the legal requirements put forth by the Texas Secretary of State. Furthermore, their customer support remains unrivaled in the registered agent industry.

My Experience

Northwest Registered Agent offers a wide range of features. 

They ensured that my Certificate of Formation was filed and submitted to the office of the Texas Secretary of State and that I had a business name and physical street address in Texas so that my personal info was kept off the public record. They scanned, uploaded, and forwarded all legal mail and important legal documents to my online document portal, and made sure that I received compliance alerts that reminded me of important filing deadlines, such as filing my annual report. These comprehensive and dependable services make sure that my company is in compliance with state law.

The Corporate Guides (Northwest’s customer service staff) were one extraordinary component of the company.

When I called the support teams of the other registered agents on my list, I was given generic replies exclusively connected to their services, and I was eventually able to guess their answers before I had posed a question. Northwest, on the other hand, is a different story. Their Corporate Guides are a group of specialists with backgrounds from varied disciplines, such as law and accountancy, who have a lot of expertise in how to manage a Texas business entity.

They took me through every step of the business formation process when I called them for help and they were always there to give outstanding business advice when I needed it, such as how to conduct a successful marketing campaign or how to attract the best staff for my nascent firm.

My Recommendation

I would definitely recommend Northwest Registered Agent to anybody who wants to form a business in Texas since not only are they dependable but their customer service is also far superior to every other Texas registered agent service on this list.

They can be contacted every day during normal business hours and they ensure that my Texas LLC (Limited Liability Company) is in good standing with the Texas Secretary of State’s office. They are always ready to give exceptional business advice if you run into any problems during your everyday business operations.

They are somewhat more expensive than Harbor Compliance, at $125 per year, but their service is well worth the money.

Visit Northwest Registered Agent when you’re ready to establish your Texas business entity and need to maintain a registered agent in Texas that is dependable and trustworthy.

My Budget Pick: Harbor Compliance

Despite not providing the degree of business assistance I receive from Northwest Registered Agent, Harbor Compliance came in second overall since they supplied a personal account manager devoted to aiding me with the LLC formation process. They are also the least expensive Texas registered agent on this list, with a fee of $99.

My Experience

One aspect of Harbor Compliance I enjoyed was their straightforward approach to conducting business. Their website was easy to navigate, which saved me a lot of time while joining up. You can see they have worked hard on all the bells and whistles.

Their marketing strategy mirrors their simplistic approach as well. They provide all the necessary services that your Texas LLC needs to get established, with no hidden fees or clickbait bundles that encourage you to buy more costly upgrades. They forwarded my formation papers to my office address, and Harbor Compliance told me that if and when I was served with Service of Process paperwork, they would notify me.

Following the sign-up procedure, they assigned me a personal account manager who answered all my inquiries about their registered agent service in Texas. He didn’t offer the industry-leading business advice of the Northwest Registered Agent Corporate Guides, but I appreciated the personal touch.

My Recommendation

Harbor Compliance is a reputable Texas registered agent that provides reliable services and they are also Texas’s most economical registered agent service at $99 plus state fees.

They will keep your Texas LLC on the right side of state law by ensuring that all your legal requirements with the Texas Secretary of State are met. Their web systems are also well-designed and easy to use.

If you’re establishing a business entity or transferring agents (in which case they also provide a Statement of Change of Registered Agent form) and need a registered agent for your LLC that offers inexpensive services and a dedicated account manager, consider choosing Harbor Compliance.

The Other Registered Agent Services

As part of my investigation, I evaluated nine other registered agents. In no particular sequence, here is a short synopsis of what I discovered.

Rapid Registered Agent—A few fun features

Rapid Registered Agent charges $120 plus filing fee for registered agent services in the state of Texas. They assisted me with completing a handful of the time-consuming forms required to guarantee I did not anger the bigwigs in charge and, because I dislike paperwork, this was quite convenient for me.

They don’t provide your LLC with the same degree of customer service as Harbor Compliance or Northwest Registered Agent, but they are a dependable organization that will handle all your company’s legal requirements so you can focus on your everyday business activities.

Rocket Lawyer—Great for online legal services

Rocket Lawyer is not a full-service Texas registered agent. They are an online legal service that provides a few registered agent services, such as forwarding Service of Process and your legal mail to an online document repository that you may view at any time.

Despite the fact that it specializes in legal advice rather than registered agent service, Rocket Lawyer is a suitable alternative if your LLC requires a single firm to manage all your company’s filing requirements and legal obligations.

Team ‘Nothing Special’

The four Texas registered agent service providers listed below are so similar that it’s scarcely worth writing about them individually. Jumpstart Filings ($150 plus filing fee), SunDoc Filings ($159), Registered Agents Inc. ($200), and Incorporate.com ($235) are among the “fine, but nothing remarkable” members of the club.

These are LLC formation services that have dabbled in the Texas registered agent service sector and provide what I want from a registered agent service for my company without giving anything new or notable.

Team ‘Big Brand’

Each of these is a well-known company that relies on a “Big Brand” reputation to provide Texas registered agent services: LegalZoom ($299), Wolters Kluwer ($305), and CSC Global ($299).

They’re quite content to charge outrageous fees for what is effectively the same product as everyone else’s since they all have fancy websites and competent marketing professionals. They also all provide additional LLC formation services, for a cost. Their customer service is adequate, but Northwest Registered Agent and Harbor Compliance give even better service for less than half the price.

Wrapping It All Up

While reviewing each Texas registered agent service, it occurred to me that there is only one firm that supplied all my LLC needs from a registered agent in Texas, and that is Northwest Registered Agent.

They charge $125 for submitting your mail and legal documents to an online document portal where you may access them. They scan and forward your mail, send you compliance notifications to notify you of approaching filing deadlines with the Texas Secretary of State, and they assign you a registered office in Texas that is available during regular business hours to serve as a point of contact and accept Service of Process.

Their Corporate Guides propel them to the top of my list. They will help you from the start of your firm and beyond, while offering superb business advice that will help you manage your Texas LLC (Limited Liability Company).

With Northwest Registered Agent, Texas LLCs are in good hands. If you are ready to form your business entity in the state of Texas, contact Northwest Registered Agent today.

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