LBG is the global standard for measuring corporate community investment

Our vision

A world where every business measures its community investment and shares this in an open, transparent and consistent way.

Our mission

To provide a common standard for companies to measure and manage their community investment, and a platform to learn together how to maximise their impact.

Our achievements

Companies in the LBG network collectively contributed more than $3.3 billion to community causes helping more than 65 million people in the last reporting year.

If your company is serious about its community investment, then let us show you how being part of the LBG network can help you deliver maximum impact.

About LBG

LBG is a network of corporate community investment professionals from many of the world’s leading companies. They work together to apply, develop and enhance the LBG measurement framework.

The Network

LBG is an active network of companies, driven by its members.

The network provides a forum for companies to interact with and learn from each other, to help achieve their shared ambition to make the maximum impact through the contributions they make.

In addition to this founding group, local LBG groups operate in the following locations:

The LBG network is made up of companies spanning across sectors and geographies; many use LBG to evaluate across international programmes of activity. Current members are listed here.

LBG is governed by a representative Steering Group of members, who work to evolve the framework and its application by setting LBG’s agenda.

Members’ commitment to applying, developing and growing LBG whilst ensuring the confidentiality of data
is outlined in the Members’ Charter.

The Framework

LBG’s measurement framework ensures a robust and credible approach to measuring the real value and impact of corporate community investment to both business and society.

At its heart it is a simple input/output model that can be applied at a pace that works for individual companies. It allows a company to consistently assess its community activities in terms of the resources committed (the inputs) and the results achieved (the outputs and the impacts). As the global standard for measuring community contributions, LBG is aligned with leading sustainability indices such as DJSI, GRI, and BITC’s CR Index.

Inputs Inputs: What's contributed
The resources a company provides to support a community activity.
  • How: Cash, time, in-kind, management cost
  • Why: Charitable gift, community investment, commercial initiative in the community
  • What: Issue addressed (education, health etc.)
  • Where: Location of activity
Outputs Outputs: What happens
The activities delivered, numbers reached, funds raised and business-related activity resulting from the contributions made.
  • Community outputs: Numbers helped, activities held etc.
  • Leverage: Additional funds raised
  • Business outputs: Media coverage, awareness among customers, employees etc.
Impacts Impacts: What changes
The changes that happen to individuals, organisations and the company, in the short or longer-term, as a result of the activity.
  • Community impacts: Change in beneficiaries, organisations and/or society
  • Business impacts: Change in business performance
The Annual Review demonstrates the contributions made by LBG members measured according to the framework.

The LBG Guidance Manual provides a top-level introduction to LBG, its measurement framework and its application.


There are a range of benefits and resources available through engaging with LBG

Events & training Over 30 events each year held either by webinar or in person, including LBG’s Annual Meeting.
Consultancy support A dedicated account manager from Corporate Citizenship and one day of consultancy time to help apply LBG.
Benchmarking exercise Access to benchmark data to compare against other companies and learn from their use of LBG.
Data collection tools Use of LBG’s online portal to manage community activities. Access to the full suite of tools & resources.
Best practice guidance Comprehensive guidance on LBG, its measurement framework and its application.
Use of LBG logo Use of the LBG logo and the right to cite membership in external publications.
Find out more about using LBG

Events & training

LBG runs a busy calendar of events and training for members to attend both in person and online. These range from workshops on measurement to issue-specific sessions suggested by members.

Getting started sessions These sessions provide a comprehensive overview of the LBG model and the application of its framework for new member companies or new contacts at existing member companies.
Sector meetings Members of each sector meet to discuss the issues around measurement and community investment that are most relevant to their industries.
Data surgeries Collecting data is the biggest practical challenge in measurement. So, LBG runs a series of sessions devoted to data collection according to the LBG framework.
Measurement workshops LBG runs a series of sessions throughout the year on the different aspects of measurement, from what should and shouldn’t be counted, to how to assess the impact of activities.
Community partner events LBG recognises the importance of community partners in measuring community contributions. So, each year members can invite their partners for a refresh on the LBG framework.
Issue specific workshops Workshops have included:
Best practice in engaging and measuring the impact of employee volunteering, new forms of social investment and a look towards the future of measurement.

LBG Annual Meeting

Each year LBG holds its all-member Annual Meeting which consists of a full day of member-led workshops, expert panels and presentations on issues such as impact measurement and maximising the benefit of community investment to both the business and to society.

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Online portal

LBG’s online portal enables companies to record, measure and manage their community programmes in one secure place. You can view a live picture of your achievements and compare against previous years, sector trends and LBG averages.

    Manage the community programme
  • Allocate members of the team to record, view and analyse the community programme.
  • Record your activities and initiatives across different regions or operations of the business.

    Record community initiatives
  • Record individual activities according to the best practice LBG framework.
  • Use a robust, secure tool to measure and understand the work you are doing in the community.

    Live data dashboard
  • View the up-to-date totals of your programme using enhanced data visualisation.
  • Use the benchmarking tool to compare with previous years, sector averages, and peer companies.